10 Most Marketable ourses In Nigeria (SHARE THIS)

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Caveat: This is not based on hard data but on
observations. It is compiled by JarusHub
editor and 2 other contributors to this portal.

Note also that this is not based on who earns
the highest salary, but who has potential to
earn decent income with his degree. Potential
is the operative word here.

Here we go:
10. Mass Communication/Journalism: Mass
Communication will remain a marketable
because not many Universities do it, but many
institutions need it. The downside is,
journalism is not seen as exclusive preserve of
MassComm graduates, as graduates of almost
any course are recruited by news outfits. Yet,
the course still stands a decent chance.

9. Law: Maybe the supply is fast outstripping
demand and affecting pricing, Law has
declined in economic value. However, it
remains a Top 10 course. Whether you decide
to practice or go into corporate world, or you
decide to go into allied things like real estate
agency, you still stand a decent chance of
earning decent income with a Law degree.

8. Nursing/Laboratory Science: Nurses don’t
earn mouth-watering pay, but they are hardly
jobless. I see Nurses change jobs like clothes.
Hospitals and clinics – private and public –
are springing up everyday, and a medium size
clinic needs at least 4 Nurses. Some may have
as much as 20. Same goes with Lab scientists,
although in lower demand.

7. Mechanical, Electrical & other related
Engineering courses: Engineering courses
generally sell in the oil and gas industry. In
addition these courses are also asked for in
other major industries.

6. Economics/Accounting/Finance: The good
thing about Economics is that it fits into
roles. I hesitated to include Accounting here
because Accounting degree alone without
professional qualifications is not usually so
helpful; however, I included it because I
expect the accounting graduate to do the
needful of writing professional examinations
after his degree. Even without professional
qualifications, you can still get a decent job
with Accounting degree only in the many
small to medium scale firms that require the
services of accounting graduates. Finance is
another great course. The three courses,
sometimes alongside Management and
Business Administration, are usually in hot
demand, although supply still exceed demand
and many graduates of these courses are still

5. Computer Science/Computer Engineering/IT
courses: IT professionals are in hot demand
the world over. Nigeria is not different. With
special IT skills, your chance is even brighter.
The downside is, anybody can learn IT skills,
even if he doesn’t study computer

4. Geology: It is also a course that places you
in good position to penetrate the much-
sought-after oil industry.

3. Chemical/Petroleum Engineering: These
courses have the potential to fetch you the
fattest pay check after graduation because the
companies that ask for them are those that
pay heavily – the oil companies.

2. Estate Management/Architecture/Building/
Survey/Civil Engineering: A degree in any of
these courses places you in a good position for
self-employment. Even from school,
Architecture students make money drawing
plans for people. We consider these courses
the second most marketable courses in

1. Medicine: Medicine may not earn you
N500k per month at entry level, but it is the
course that guarantees you job the most. I
have never come across a jobless medical
doctor. The pay may not be as heavy as the
Chemical engineering guy in the IOC, but you
are guaranteed of better-than-average income
as a doctor. Medicine is number 1 on our list.

Culled from Jarushub.con